Installing Modules

Drupal 7 permits installing modules through the web interface.
Find the desired module at http://drupal.org/project/, copy the link to the module you wish to install.
Under Modules choose "Install from a URL" and paste the address copied above.
On an LSNet Drupal website, you must enter your username, password and under advanced settings set the host to helen.ls.net.
Once installed, you can "enable" the newly installed module.
Many modules will require configuration.


wysiwyg installs easily with drush but the install of tinymce burps. Try

wget --no-check-certificate http://github.com/downloads/tinymce/tinymce/tinymce_3_3_9_3_jquery.zip

By default, no buttons are enabled for any input method. Those in blue require plugins.


I get unwanted registrations from several networks. MEGALAN China Unicom CHINA169 Fujian Province Network CHINANET-GD CHINANET-FJ FOP Budko Dmutro Pavlovuch

I am inclined to block those networks (and probably others) system wide.


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